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Harlem: The Ghetto. New York City- Harlem- juillet 1970: le ghetto; une librairie afro-amÈricaine exaltant le ‘Black Spirit’. (Photo by Jack Garofalo/Paris Match via Getty Images)

harlem over everything.
what is it like to step in your shoes?

my glasses, your hat, my coat, your gloves.

listen…i sit and listen…your voice echoes…down mean streets.

i hear you phillis, i hear you harriet,
i hear you june and langston, i hear you richard,
i hear you gwendolyn, i hear you malcolm, i hear you zora

u make waves for us. we make way for u.


bwg writes poetry, journals and long letters to friends.  Author of self-published chapbook,“A Brown Girl Breathes Golden,” her next book of poems will be out soon, distraction be damned. Her writing can be found at www.bigwordgirl.com.