bwg poem – passion is meant…

pomogranate tree

like anyone else
i fall for boys
that make me laugh
and girls that make
me smile. one girl
i know gives me
hugs all the time
in anticipation of our
parting. she struggled
to reason with me and
return a smile to my
face when i had been
wronged. but then
we heard the news,
good news. i couldn’t help
but smile. i asked for
a hug. she leaned on
me, enclosing my body in
her arms and there we
lay, folded into each other.

one boy i know
activates a cloud
in me. his voice
strikes like lightening
and i can almost hardly
keep from crying.

i walk and wake
alone. nobody knows
how much they make
me feel. passion is
meant for fruit and that
is all.

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