bwg short – Theo & Sita

(work in progress…)

Theo, full of thought, sat in Sita’s corner office.
Sita typed away on the keys before her,
looking up after a few strokes for confirmation
from Theo, a new patient. How do you feel?
Are you exercising? And your sleep?

Theo, full of thought, answered well enough but sat mostly
silent. She strained to hear the other conversation going on,
that between the leaves of the towering trees facing her.
Fluttering briskly, they whispered with each other,
gossiping about Theo.

“Blue doesn’t suit her,” said one leaf
“I would have worn green for my first visit with Sita,” shouted another.
“What’s with the feather?”
“Look, she’s waving at us!”

Sita looks up and does indeed see Theo waving, or
appearing to wave. Were you trying to say something?, Sita asks.
I can hear you, Theo wanted to shout
at the trees, I can hear you. Instead, she lets Sita know
her hand and feet have been shaking again, all through the night
and Odell has started to complain.

Sita wants to do a muscle test. Theo agrees and takes off her
glasses and watch. At the same time, Theo, full of thought,
wants the trees to know that she’s listening, that she hears them.

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