bwg poem – Map of a Dream

“Map of a Dream”

She sat dreaming,
on the edge of a truck.

A braid rest down the
center of her forehead.

She’d left school—
school for mixing colors
and making paints,
like berry and tangerine and turpentine and wintry white,
with a Russian pear in hand.

Students of needs made especially for them
chalked and adorned the rooms full of books.

I could signup for

nighttime chalks and daytime chalks,
eveningday chalks and morningnite chalks.

From the color and light and steam of this life,
she transferred to another school, setting off one morning.

Faster and faster
did the road speed away.

Holding, she held,
onto the edge of the truck.



A speckled owl,
a mottled cat
and a white dog,
All in one.
At least that’s what I can remember.

They flew into the sky.

She spun away with them,
watching until they landed
somewhere in a park,
at an earthday party,
with star treats and moon beats.

She saw her older self
with longer hair and a green top
and two little girls
playing with pages of poems.

Gleaming, they were,
as they pulled upon the reams;
blinking to know more,
her wide eye lost track of her dream.

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