bwg poem – just for you

NT - Concentric design

I remember smiling
into his face,
literally leaning into his body with
tears of joys teasing
out of my eyes
at the sheer light of finding him,
I could tangibly touch the glow
that stood around him.

(I) remember thinking
that we are one and then some.
Together, we begin friendship:
that coveted bond
between lover and wife.

(I) remember wondering,
why is he so happy like me? His rich
raw energy of lake and light beyond
was so much like my own,
I had to stop and wonder, pause and think,
breathe in
dream out
the glow expanding beside me.

Was I stepping into his light,
or was he stepping into mine?

(I) remember smiling,
which wasn’t no lie cuz I
genuinely enjoyed feeling him up.

I actually liked
peering in the spaces between his teeth.

I deeply delighted
in feeling his breath upon my face
as we got closer to leave, just for me.
He was just for you.

I know that something has begun;
maybe, I don’t know…something will go on.
Maybe we’ll talk again.
Maybe our joy
will join into a big ball of sunlight
and we will warm each other,
bask in our light,

Maybe I’ll see myself again.
Maybe this love, this new light
we found is here—has been, always will be, here.
I am you.
You are me.
Rumi’s right.
Stop the search.
She is already here.
Breathe in awhile.

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